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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - A tribute to the wor(l)ds of Jhonn Balance

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Creative Fields Records CF CD 01
Release Year: 2007
Note: the "italian" tribute to JHONN BALANCE of COIL, with: BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS, CORPOPARASSITA, SELAXON LUTBERG, WERTHAM, and many more unknown names... lim. ed. 500
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Die Popularitt von COIL wird eindrucksvoll deutlich, wenn man sich nur die vielen "tribute" Compilations anschaut, die nach dem Tode von JHONN BALANCE erschienen sind. Dabei gibt es inzwischen ein grosses Spektrum, das sich v.a. regional aufteilen lsst (zwei russische Comps, eine franzsische, etc.); dies hier ist jetzt die "italienische" Version, eher elektronisch - rhythmisch - technoid ausgerichtet, aber auch dark wavige und experimentelle Stcke sind vorhanden, fokussiert sich insgesamt stark auf die lyrischen Aspekte von COIL. BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS drfen nicht fehlen, aber auch Projekte wie CORPOPARASSITA, CROPCIRCLE, unser neuer Geheimtip SELAXON LUTBERG, und WERTHAM sind dabei.

"We start off with Black Sun Productions and their 'A List of Wishes' is very intense and convincing. Next up is Snuff 066. 'Blood from the Air' is a bit too simple for me and the beats sound somewhat cheap. Corpoparassita and Mariae Nascenti quickly recover the mood with their spherical tracks. PostmoRder[n]XS and Endtransmission continue this nice ambience. Mekhate's contribution awakes the listener from the quite dream with painful screeching noises. DBMG/RAF brings another more uptempo track. Two of the highlights are the contributions of Cropcircle and most certainly Selaxon Lutberg. 'Broccoli' is really very nicely built up and very convincing. Wertham shakes your bones one last time with 'Boy In A Suitcase'. In Broken Fields ends this all with 'The Sea Priestess' and gives the listener a modest but alienated feeling. My conclusion is: if you want a good compilation concerning the life, works and thinking of Jhonn Balance, then buy X-Rated: The Dark Files. If you already have this one and want more, then definitely try A Tribute to the Wor(l)ds of Jhonn Balance". The contributions of Black Sun Productions, Mariae Nascenti, Selaxon Lutberg and In Broken Fields, among others, really make this a special tribute." [Gothtronic]