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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - Beyond ignorance and borders. An African, Middle-Eastern, Asian noise and electronic compilation

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Syrphe S002
Release Year: 2007
Note: amazing compilation compiled by C-DRIK (AMBRE, AMMO, etc) with 20 tracks from the so far "dark continents" of experimental undergroundish music!
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usserst bemerkenswerte Verffentlichung des belgischen Kosmopoliten C-DRIK (Ambre, Ammo, etc.), eine Experimental-Compilation mit Acts aus Lndern mit denen man wirklich nicht rechnet! Breites Spektrum von Ambient bis Noise, Analog bis Digital, alles frisch & unverbraucht & meist mit grosser Energie versehen, die vielen Namen sind nahezu alle unbekannt, es gibt hier (aus der SOUND Perspektive) viele neue Welten & Musiken zu entdecken!!
"Throughout the last twenty years or so various noise compilations with focus on the different cultures around the Globe have been released; from the "Japanese/American Noise Treaty" (Relapse/Release) across "Sound Of Sadism : An International Power Electronics Compilation" (Crowd Control Activities) to the "Extreme Music From."-series with editions focusing on Africa, Russia, Japan and Women (Susan Lawly Label). Now Belgium label Syrphe Records has brought us a new compilation of noise music. Titled "Beyond ignorance and borders" the compilation presents us for artists of nationalities from the Eastern world. The contributions do not come from Japan, the kingdom of Noise, but from other countries that are relatively unknown regarding noise music. And this is what makes this compilation very interesting. Twenty tracks from countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Lebanon, South Korea (just to name a few), the styles ranges from extreme noise to breakcore and field recording. What makes this album interesting is that the origin of many of the artists represented on the compilation seems to saturate the expressional style on the contributions. Highlights on the compilation is the weird technoid track "629" by Skorfuse (Philippines), harsh noise tracks such as "Useless summer" by Yan Jun (China) and the ultra-aggressive "Ithrane n ithige" from Algerian artist Nepa Ios. Also the ear-shattering closer "The night as it was raining (aka 26 aunigrai)" from Goh Lee Kwang (Malaysia) is remarkable. This is certainly a great compilation, worth investing whether you are noise-head or simply an adventurous listener of the more extreme kind. Highly recommended!" [NM / Vital Weekly]

label: www.syrphe.com