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NIMH - The Missing Tapes

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Silentes minimal editions sme 0610
Release Year: 2006
Note: NIMH plays diverse traditional instruments from THAILAND (like the Jackee, Tzeebu, Soong) and mixes this with exotic field recordings and electronic sounds, creating a raw surrealistic sound journey which is not too far from early ZOVIET FRANCE at times.... very nice, still to discover !
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More Info

"After the extraordinary 4CD box-set, "Together' s Symphony" (with MAURIZIO BIANCHI), Silentes Minimal Editions is proud to present the incredible new solo effort by NIMH. Stratospheric sounds from another dimension, where multi-cultural sound-worlds collide. Processed electronic emulations of traditional Thai (and other indigenous) instruments, esoteric percussion, breathing, drones, feedback, shortwave radio, disembodied voices floating in air, and hazy field recordings all combine is a most intoxicating manner. With THE MISSING TAPES, NIMH returns to a more adventurous style, pushing the boundaries of sonic innovation past anything that we've heard before. An amazing 50+ minute sonic-travelogue of electroacoustic experiments. Ambiguous music for those who want something completely unique." [label info]

label: www.silentes.net