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LOCKWOOD, ANNEA - Thousand Year Dreaming / Floating World

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Pogus Productions P21045-2
Release Year: 2007
Note: re-release of "Thousand Year Dreaming" (1990), a dreamy, meditative piece in 5 parts for several wind instruments like didgeridoo, trombone, oboe, english horn... .plus a previously unreleased 36 minute piece from 1999 named "Floating World", based on recordings of friends made at their most spiritual places, woven to a 36 min collage....
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"Annea Lockwood is a composer from New Zealand, who got most of her education on the European continent, and lives and works since in 90s on the american continent. She worked with sound poets, wrote music for theatre productions, for live electronics, piano, etc. With 'Thousand year Dreaming / Floating World' it is the first time for me enjoying her work. The cd opens with 'Thousand Year Dreaming' that was released several years ago by the What Next label CD. The cd closes with the previously unreleased piece 'Floating World'. 'Thousand year Dreaming' (1990) is a sort of modern cave music. The piece is written for a diversity of wind instruments, like didjeridu, conch shell, trombone, oboe, etc., plus percussion. We also hear the voice of Lockwood. Besides her, 9 musicians are involved in the performance of this dreamy, meditative piece that consists of 5 parts. Central is the didjeridu that represents "the sound of earth's core pulsing serenely, and expression of the life force". This modern cave music needs repeated listening before its reveals its beauty that is at the opposite of striking. For 'Floating World' (1999) Lockwood invited friends "to make recordings for me in places of personal, spiritual significance to them". Through editing and adding new sounds Lockwood linked these different places into one floating world. So a piece results that mainly consists of environmental sounds of mother earth. A nice collage." [DM / Vital Weekly]

label: www.pogus.com