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BAKER, AIDAN - Scalpel

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: The Kora Records TKR 008 (Micro Series #2)
Release Year: 2007
Note: numb. ed. 500 / special cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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SCALPEL beinhaltet vier Stcke, auf denen sich AIDAN BAKER neben seinen beliebten Endloos-Loop-Drones dem Songformat (mit sehr zurckhaltendem Gesang) annhert... das ist hchst feingliedrig, introspektiv, ausgefeilt: Akustische Magie zwischen Drone & Folk.

" ... Baker has tried his hand in many different areas of music and its always amazing to here the outcome, as more often than not the results are excellent. There have been records that dabble more in psych, kraut, ambient, drone, and so on. However here on Scalpel, Baker has combined a familiar ambiance within his body of work with folk music for something that is loosely being dubbed as his folk/drone album. I really didnt know what to make of that at first. I suppose a description like that shouldnt be too hard to really figure out, but still it was intriguing.
The album opens with the track K and greets the listener with the simple plucking of an acoustic guitar that as the song moves forward begins to merge into a dreamy backdrop of sound. Everything seems so incredibly delicate, which is only enhanced by the overall sparseness throughout the recording. One of the many things that I really enjoy about Scalpel however is the increased focus on Bakers vocals, which have gradually become a part of Bakers sound but not so much to the amount of attention that they receive here. Granted, his vocals are still very subdued, and like the music are softly spoken amongst the strumming of his guitar. The last three tracks on the album are where it really begins to take shape however, in the form of otherworldly drones, strings, and shimmering backdrops that gradually consume Bakers vocals and guitar into many layers of beautiful sounds. And while drifting and sparse as it may be, there is still a certain feeling of warmth within it all that for me is what makes Scalpel worth many repeated listens. It couldnt come at a better time either as winter begins to settle itself in here in the Midwest." [Built on a weak spot]