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MANINKARI - Psychoide / Participation Mystic

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Conspiracy Records core053
Release Year: 2007
Note: CD-EP with two songs + remixes by ROBIN RIMBAUD (SCANNER) and JUSTIN BROADRICK (JESU); total running time 42+ min
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Erstaunliches Debut einer Pariser Gruppe, Post-Rock unter Einsatz von fast schon klassischen Arrangements & Impro-Elementen, AQuarius nennen das "Drone-Jazz"... 2 Remixe von JUSTIN BROADRICK und SCANNER runden die EP ab, die mit 42 Minuten fast long-play Niveau erreicht....

"Mysterious, quaking, hissing, clattering instrumental post- rock soundscapery, a murky improv, weird and warm, full of shimmering
strings slightly dissonant, like something processed from the sounds of a symphony tuning up, building to bombastic dense, droning
nirvana. Very cool... What is this? Well, we're always interested in what Belgium's Conspiracy label decides to release (just look 'em up
on our website and you'll find a slew of AQ faves, from a bunch of Boris to the recent Sunburned Circle album). Never heard of Paris'
Maninkari before, but this debut release of theirs being on Conspiracy gets our attention -- as does the fact that Jesu's Justin
Broadrick contributes a remix (as does Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner). That's right, as the title suggests, this disc is just two songs,
plus two remixes... it's 42 minutes total, though, so if it's not a full-length album, it's not exactly just an ep either.
Maninkari construct a gorgeous soft cacophony of epic post- rock drift and minimal jazzy shuffle on 8:21 opener "Pyschoide".
Dense drumming, frenzied strings, wound into tense soundscapes of slow burning shimmer. Godspeed plays the Dirty Three, or maybe Angus Maclise jamming with Chris Corsano, dark and druggy, some sort of glorious mantra-like minimalist dronejazz, with a super cinematic
Phillip Glass like coda... That's followed by "Participation Mystic", a 16 minute track of lilting pizzicato strings, underpinned by deep
soft swells of shimmering warmth and distant bits of industrial clatter, a slow burning ambient drift that is eventually joined by a
simple motorik rhythm, transforming the pulsing ambience into something jazzy and minimal, propulsive and hypnotic, channeling the
spirit of Finnish hypnorockers Circle and minimal dronejazz combo the Necks... and again near the end, everything enveloped by intense
swarms of frenetic strings...
The two remixes are different enough from the originals to be quite worthwhile, and stand by themselves, not surprisingly being more "electronic music" sounding, and in the case of Broadrick's remix, more "extreme"!" [Aquarius Records]