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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Wrotycz Records WRT006
Release Year: 2007
Note: new material (rec. 2006 / 2007) by PETER ANDERSSON (RAISON D'ETRE), fifth album
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Das neue NECROPHORUS-Werk, introvertierter und elektronischer als seine RAISON D'ETRE-Verffentlichungen, ohne das "Gothic"-flair, dafr umso "kosmischer"......verwirbelte Orgel-artige tnende Harmonien, aber auch Spielwiese fr etwas "abgefahrene" elektronische Sounds, field recordings, sogar Akustik-Gitarrenklnge..
aber alles geschieht in sehr ruhigen, magisch-meditativen Bahnen ...

"Beautiful, sensitive and electrified. 'Imprints' by Necrophorus goes beyond the previous album 'elinrs' (2005) and further investigates the aural landscape of imagination and mysticism. 'Imprints' vibrates a fresh air mixed of three dimensional electrified organic field recordings and minimal immersive sequenced organ sounds thus creating the psychedelic atmosphere of virtually being inside the music, inside the magic circle of the aural landscape. 'Imprints' is the fifth CD album from Necrophorus/Peter Andersson (Sweden) who is most known for the project raison d'etre with several masterpiece releases on the Swedish legendary Cold Meat Industry label. Inspired by the impressions of his visit to the amazing landscapes of Iceland summer 2006, Peter Andersson has created a new astonishing aural output. 'Imprints' consists of three variations of the same impression: two of them are pure studio composisitons while the third variation is improvised as 'live in studio' recording. Format: CD, folding cover. Total time: 50:16 minutes" [label info]