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AMBARCHI, OREN - Mort aux Vaches

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches
Release Year: 2002
Note: OREN AMBARCHI's recording for the MAV series shows his meditative guitar tone-cluster ambience approach, crossed by clicks and digital noises, similar to his "Suspension" CD on TOUCH; last copies back in for special price!!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €8.00

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OREN AMBARCHIs Aufnahme fr die MAV-Serie ist geprgt durch extrem ruhige und meditative, statisch monophone Gitarrenklnge verschiedener Tonhhen, die aufgebrochen werden von leisen clicks in digitaler Bearbeitung.. a very meditative digital-guitar-ambient soundtrack, varying & shifting between different pure tones, from OREN AMBARCHI for the fine MAV-series, recorded in Amsterdams VPRO-studios for Staalplaat.

...This incredible piece is a thorough investigation of concepts established on last years SUSPENSION release (Touch, UK) and further explored on the forthcoming live lp TRISTE (Idea, USA). Here Ambarchi employs a kind of tonal pointillism, reminiscent of the work of Morton Feldman, to explore the relativity of various frequencies cocooned between silences. These disembodied notes are incrementally layered taking on new value and meaning as they beat and resonate in sympathy with each other. Often sounds beginning in unison are turned against each other as new tones are brought into play. Never has Oren's melodic sensibility been so evident; "Song Of Separation" documents a crucial stage in the work of this tireless innovator. [from the press release]