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BAKER, AIDAN - Thoughtspan

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Tosom 028
Release Year: 2007
Note: lim./numb. 150 in box with 3 colour photo inlays. // www.tosom.de
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.50

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Whrend AIDAN BAKER im Verbund mit Lebensgefhrtin LEAH BUCKAREFF inzwischen als NADJA fr Furore sorgt, erscheinen weiter betrende Solo-CDRs von ihm in Kleinstauflagen.
BAKER zeigt sich auf THOUGHTSPAN luftig-leicht und post-rockig, aber auch geruschhaft versponnen & experimentell, die Stcke weisen aber immer einen gewissen "drive" auf, sich ins Unbestimmbare und frei-flottierende aufzulsen... wenn dann nur noch verschachtelte Geruschfden auszumachen sind, setzen wieder Drums ein und fhren den Trance-Strom weiter...

Thoughtspan" consists of 3 long tracks experimenting with the conventions of space-rock or kraut-rock, combining simple yet propulsive rhythms with multi-layered drones and ambience. Although, these tracks may sound like a band, "Thoughtspan" is essentially a one-person record (apart from violin and trumpet contributions), as the songs originated with the drum parts and built up one instrument at a time from that rhythmic base." [label info]
"If he wanted, Aidan Baker could cruise along making the same record over and over, but a restless musical soul this man must have as even successive releases by his various projects tend to diverge greatly from their various sounds. While Nadja tends to be the most sonically consistent project, existing in the nether gloom of black ambient dream doom or whatever we feel like calling it, his work
under his own name has shown the most breadth, veering from clattery noisy experimentation, to ultra minimal drone, to strange collaged jazzscapes, to dreamy slowcore, and one and on...
For Thoughtspan, Baker handles the guitars, drums, bass and vocals, with some help on live drums, violin and trumpet, to weave a gorgeously expansive soundscape of laid back, shuffling yet propulsive, krautrocky jazz. Dark and smoky, dreamy and smoldering, the closest sonic comparison might be the Necks, but where the Necks lock into extended cyclical grooves, Thoughtspan plays more like a 'rock' band, albeit a looped, mesmeric one, locked into a seemingly never ending groove, but as the record progresses the music begins to gradually crumble, becoming more and more distorted, everything slowly collapsing inward, the scraping of a violin heralding the shift, as any 'rock' is rent asunder, and all that is left is a strange whirring, creaking ambient dronescape. And that's just the
first track, although it is 22+ minutes...
The second track, another long one, begins with strange buzzes and metallic shimmers, a very percussive soundfield, peppered with backwards sonic swoops and buzzing steel strings, eventually the drums kick in, and the band is loping into some dense reverbed jam, the buzzing strings stretched out over the propulsive rhythmic framework, eventually fading back into the backwards droning buzz of
the first few minutes.
Finally, the final 16 minute track, finds Baker creating a strange wide open expanse, distant drones and all sorts of strange muted melodies, with moaned, barely decipherable vocals, and in the middle of it all, a drummer, playing on the rims and the floor and on wood and metal as much as on the kit, the whole vibe is very abstract and freak folk, it's not difficult to hear some Avarus or one of those tribal outfits, but unlike those folky forest dwellers, Baker begins to gradually affect the sounds here, smearing everything into warm droning swells and jagged streaks of resonant buzz, beneath which the drums lock into a staggering sort of midtempo lope, it's dirge-y and dramatic, but still sort of blown out and ambient, before finishing off with a burst of blinding distorted radiance.
Packaged in a mini, plastic dvd style case, full color artwork
and full color photographic inserts. LIMITED TO 150 COPIES!!" [Aquarius Records]