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AMON / NIMH - Sator

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Eibon Records amn069
Release Year: 2007
Note: re-stock of this collaboration between Italien dark ambient master AMON with NIMH, known for his ethno field recording works => five long ambience tracks that set you into endless dusty stone landscapes...
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Nach langer Zeit endlich neues Material des vielleicht besten italienischen dark ambient -Projekts AMON, der hier mit Giuseppe Verticchio aka NIMH zusammengearbeit hat. Fnf lange Stcke sind hier enthalten, die sehr erdig, fast steinig-staubig klingen, man fhlt sich in endlos-einsame Felslandschaften versetzt....die tiefen Drones wurden mit teils harmonischen e-bow Gitarren und field recordings etwas aufgelockert..

"Composed, performed and recorded by Andrea Marutti and Giuseppe Verticchio between June 2005 and January 2006 in Milan, Rome and Casaline (AQ), Italy." [credits]
"The mystery of the ancient and puzzling magic SATOR square is evoked again in present time through five dark tracks entitled like the five palindromes that form its fascinating structure: SATOR / AREPO / TENET / OPERA / ROTAS.
AMON (Andrea Marutti), the most important and estabilished italian Dark-Ambient project, and NIMH (Giuseppe Verticchio), a well-known and eclectic alchemist of electronic-ethnicacoustic-ambient sound mixtures, gathered together and worked side by side for some weeks to create their first collaborative effort.
SATOR is a granitic and majestic work, a musical journey in time and history that leads the listeners to the deepest and remote abysses of Earth through archaic and magmatic sounds, confusing them along the way with the technologic and synthetic vibrations of oscillating sinewaves, and with frosty isolationist timbres programmed through fluxes of information written in binary code...
Echoes of breathless and confused human activities falling into decay, the dark and deep Sound of Earths abysses, scoriae of electric buzzes and synthetic microsounds, the warmth of subliminal melodies submerged and overwhelmed by menacing and distorted agglomerates of sounds, buried fragments of an abused guitar in decomposition faded by the unstoppable march of time..." [press release]