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DEUTSCH, ANDREW - Lung Cleaner

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Anomalous Records NOM 24
Release Year: 2004
Note: mind-overflooding microscopic ambience, the mergence of electronic & acoustic sounds, hyper-concrete and flowing at the same time! back in stock!
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Oh lieber Gott, erfinde neue Worte! DEUTSCH zaubert hier sehr vitale drone & ambient-Musik die in jeder Sekunde in neue Bereiche einzusickern scheint.. sehr fliessend, aber auch voller konkreter abgrenzbarer Gerusche.. die Verschmelzung von musique concrete und ambience..die Verschmelzung elektronischer und akustischer Klnge...its all in here! Ein organischer Urwald von mikroskopisch wahrnehmbarem Sound-Chaos !

"Andrew Deutsch creates very human electronic music working with layers of sounds to create dense and immersive sonic environments. He draws his sounds from a multitude of sources sometimes beginning with acoustic sources such as bells, music boxes, baby toys and water, and other times drawing from digital sources, converting video images to audio or transforming the data left after a computer crash. Andrew takes these things and makes a music that is positive and energizing. In fact, Lung Cleaner was created for friend going through an illness as a sort of 'sonic cure'. His strong work with sound, both as an artist and educator, has lead to collaborations with Paulive Oliveros, Tetsu Inoue, Stephen Vitiello, Tony Conrad, and John Cage. On this CD, Andrew presents another of his collaborations with Pauline Oliveros where she provides samples from her unpublished early electronic works from 1966 for one piece." [press release]