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EYELESS IN GAZA - Summer Salt & Subway Sun

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ambivalent Scale A-Scale 033
Release Year: 2006
Note: numbered ed. 1000 / we got few of the SIGNED copies - act fast if you want one (same price) !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

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Nach vielen Jahren erscheint zum Jahresende 2006 endlich auch NEUES Material des legendären britischen Duos von MARTYN BATES und PETER BECKER ! "Wyrd Folk" ist in aller Munde, aber EYELESS IN GAZA haben Folk- und experimentell beeinflusste Musik schon seit ihrer Existenz gemacht und einen einmaligen Stil etabliert...
die 11 neuen Stücke sind z.T. erstaunlich spröde, einige wirken eher sessionhaft-improvisiert mit langen Instrumentalparts und
kontrastieren aufs beste mit den so verehrten melancholischen Gesangstücken von MARTYN BATES..
"Originally, the intention was to put together a double album, centering around an “escalated excitement with the idea of cities as new, blank texts – contrasted with the kind of sense of alienation and loss evoked in such works as J.G. Ballard’s Concrete Island.” The completed Summer Salt & Subway Sun works as a kind of survival or synthesis of these ideas – and also as an illustration of Eyeless In Gaza as ‘studio animal’, contrasted with their (newly re-discovered) life as a regularly gigging band. (– The band has been off the road since the late 80’s, but have recently gigged in Bruxelles, London, and Athens – with forthcoming gigs in Italy, Iceland and the U.S.). The album thus neatly encapsulates two key aspects of the music Eyeless in Gaza are presently creating – offering a balance of atmos/acoustic material and sprawling, rhythmic/semi-improvised spidery electric pieces. This has resulted in a heady blend of song based material juxtaposed with a distinctive brand of kaleidoscopic, “cityscaping” filmic musics. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is the latter, primarily instrumental pieces which gleefully reflect the band’s recent activity in cinema – in Patrice Chereau’s controversial Intimacy, and Jim Jarmusch collaborator Glen McQuaid’s poetic, sub Hammer short, The Resurrection Apprentice.
After the plaudits attributed to the 25th Anniversary release of No Noise compilation (“They were one of the great bands that emerged (from the) post punk (period)” – Alan McGee) Eyeless In Gaza continue to display a characteristic “fierce independence” of style and attitude – with the release of Summer Salt & Subway Sun, issued via the band’s own A-Scale label...." [website info]