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NEHIL, SETH - Amnemonic Site

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Alluvial Recordings a28
Release Year: 2007
Note: first complete solo-album from SETH NEHIL after 5 years... secretful soundworlds derived from objects and environmental recordings, somehow a meeting of microsounds, field recordings and drones, multi-layered and not easy to decipher.. phantastic stuff again, BACK IN STOCK !!
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Erstes Solo-Album von SETH NEHIL seit 5 Jahren... geheimnisvoll tnende Soundwelten warten auf ihre Entdeckung, Klnge kommen von Objekten & Aussenaufnahmen...

"Perhaps Seth Nehil is better known from his collaborative work than for his solo work. He worked with jgrzinich and Olivia Block, but his last solo work was from 2002. In the years between he worked mainly on different projects that couldn't be released on CD, such as multimedia installations. The new work 'Amnemonic Site' is covered with obscurity. Besides his name, the title, labelname and catalogue number, the cover holds no information. 'Play Loud' it says on the label, which always raises the question here: why? I usually like to make up my own mind if I want to play music loud or not. The whole time I was playing this CD, I couldn't stop thinking 'what are these sounds'? It's of course a question that I constantly ask myself when playing new music, certainly when covers are as obscure as this one, but in Nehil's case, it can be anything really. Are these field recordings? Perhaps. Or closely miked objects? Also likely. And what about the nature of sound processing? It seems likely there is some. How and to what extent? And do I also detect some real instruments, like wind instruments, or perhaps organs? It's all likely. Each of the pieces is a large mix up, I imagined, of all of these. There is field recordings, closely miked objects falling to the wooden floor, but also long sustained sounds of wind instruments. It all makes up a particularly strong CD, that is very much alike the latest Olivia Block release, in which a similar treatment of 'real' instruments and field recordings is used, and Nehil easily reaches to a similar height in his 'Amnemonic Site'. Full of tension, he offers a strong interplay between all of his soundsources and it's easily the best release I heard from him to date." [FdW / Vital Weekly]