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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - Nekton Falls

Format: 3 x CD
Label & Cat.Number: Sonic Dragon
Release Year: 2006
Note: excellent dark ambient / deep sea drone compilation from Hongkong with SEETYCA, HERPES DELUXE, I:WOUND, YANNICK DAUBY, FRANS DE WAARD, MICHAEL NORTHAM, MICK HARRIS/LULL, NID, MATHIAS GRASSOW, etc. etc..
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Von SEETYCA zusammengestellte Compilation mit ansprechendem bergreifendem Konzept ("Tiefsee"), exzellentes Material von SEETYCA, HERPES DELUXE, I:WOUND, YANNICK DAUBY, FRANS DE WAARD, MICHAEL NORTHAM, MICK HARRIS/LULL, NID, MATHIAS GRASSOW, etc. etc..
"This compilation is set against an ambitious conceptual background, that incorporates ideas from various scientific disciplines and combines environmental concerns with a fascination for the incredible depths of the oceans. These references are centered around an interest in interrelating processes between living organisms and their surroundings, as it is indicated by the title "Nekton Falls" (a scientific term that is used to describe the process of dead sea organisms dropping to the bottom of the ocean, rotting and eventually turning into food for a new generation). All this is explained in detail on the website www.nekton-falls.org, complete with artists' statements and suggestions for further reading.
A background like that of course hints towards dark stretched out sounds and field recordings of water, and this is exactly what you get for the most part of the three CDs, plus some rhythm-based tracks and grainy digital textures. In total 26 artists and projects are involved here, including well established names (Michael Northam, Frans de Waard, Roel Meelkop, Lull, to name a few) as well as lesser known ones. The individual tracks are connected with interludes composed by Seetyca, who also contributes a track and is responsible for the overall concept (together with A. G. Reisdorf). Most of the music is rather subdued, with vast fields of sound, fading from black to deep shades of blue and back again. This creates a nice, continuous flow of music, yet with enough variations to keep you interested. This flow is only sometimes disrupted by one of the few rhythm-oriented tracks, which might be nice by themselves, but don't go along too well with the other pieces. However, a whole palette of approaches towards the darker side of atmospheric music is on showcase here. Amorphous immersive soundscapes, field recordings of natural phenomena, digital errors, clear blocks of abstract sound and hints of acoustic instruments - it's all there and most of the time it nicely complements each other. With so many people involved obviously not all tracks work well for everyone. Some tracks might benefit from a little refinement and some of the sounds seem rather worn out. But there are some real highlights to be discovered and as a whole it works pretty well, guiding you on a worthwhile trip into imaginary sub oceanic regions." [MSS / Vital Weekly]