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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Old Europa Cafe OECD089
Release Year: 2006
Note: back in stock some last copies - the studio collaboration of TROUM with ALL SIDES (NINA KERNICKE)...."it’s Troum at their most glorious, droney, transcendental best. Shimmering, sublime, textural bliss, ebbing and flowing with a graceful, enrapturing beauty.." [Malignant Rec]; comes in round metal box with white print and insert
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Studio-Version des 2006er live-Programms, in Zusammenarbeit mit Nina Kernicke aka ALL SIDES. In Metall-Box!

"....In beständig anbrandenden Klangwellen werden dunkle Geisterstimmen mitgeweht und das Getrappel mongolischer Reiter. Ein düsteres Orchester fängt tannhäusern zu dröhnen an, Lento und Grave. Wagner für Shoegazer, als gewaltiges Sursum corda, das einen nach 24 Min. die Englein singen hören lässt, sturmumbraust. By the midway point the popping creaks gather a head of steam and take on a train engine life of their own. An incessent chug builds and fills the air, leaving any hint of calm back at the station and proceeds to ride on through the very essence of night, through the back of your skull. Through the night skull of the very world, beschreibt Keith Boyd unübertrefflich den Moment des Übergangs von einer Traumphase in die nächste, in der mit verdoppeltem Puls sich ein Altered State andeutet. Über erhabenem Gitarrendronegewölk galoppiert die losgelöste Schamanen- und Poetenseele dahin, schwerelos und selig." [Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy]

"The first full length CD from Troum since Tjukurpa III in 2003. Shutun is the studio version of the live program performed throughout 2005-2006 with the help of All Sides. Made by mixing 25 different tracks into one unique, long (over 50 minutes) composition, this takes a little bit to develop, but when it does, it’s Troum at their most glorious, droney, transcendental best. Shimmering, sublime, textural bliss, ebbing and flowing with a graceful, enrapturing beauty. In embossed, round, metal tin with insert." [Malignant Records]

"....After experiencing their performance live in person and going through the videos now, I feel both special and spoiled by witnessing how their music comes together. The arsenal of gear in tow is exciting, especially as Troum are tagged with the "drone" label (and of course, they're partially to blame as the label they operate is Drone Records), however, it's never as boring or uninspiring as some of the biggest drone names, and their show won't consist of two dudes standing motionless (or posing) with guitars for long stretches playing the same chord for an entire set. On Shutûn, Martin begins with vocals alone, run through a careful chain of effects, reverberating as if in a long, dark, hollow hall. A faint guitar loop is added, providing the initial pulse of the song. Martin's vocals become more prominent as he sings through a saturation of slow effects which transform his into a chorus of godlike voices. Nina of All Sides and Stefan join in with their guitars for a rich, anthemic progression, which eventually quells down to a murky interlude. Like their great recordings, Shutûn is a time bender. By the time this quiet break arrives, it's shocking to find out that nearly a half hour has passed. Here in the depths, Nina and Stefan have hung up their guitars and have resorted to making sounds with some of the various hand held unidentifiable objects. Martin is twisting knobs to let the sources decay and create new sources and even adds the sound of a harmonica (which is completely unidentifiable). Eventually a new pulse comes back prominently and vocals are reintroduced. By hearing the disc alone, it's hard to tell if they're vocals, as they've been distorted and destroyed by delays to the point of unrecognition. Then come the screams, predominantly provided by Nina. People at Brainwaves will remember the screams. Only at loud volumes are they even remotely piercing but they were truly memorable. It's like the sound of the condemned souls trying to escape hell.
The final movement is marked by a heartbeat pulse and another anthemic guitar progression, guitars once again provided by both Nina and Stefan. Martin soon joines with a mandolin to provide the shimmering overtones. The sound is rich, thick, and nothing short of inspirational. The visuals behind them of strobed blueness, flashing jellyfish, and the deep sea were perfectly appropriate for this. Although this movement of the piece is available to watch on the Brainwashed Video Podcast right now and a DVD of this will hopefully be available soon, nothing beats being there in person, with the sound resonating from all around. It's no wonder the audience was breathless for this entire set. This is a memory I hope to have for a long, long time and I'm so thankful this CD exists.
More people need to witness Troum live as they are a fantastic group who deserves every bit of praise. Go watch the video now if you weren't there." [Jon Witney / BRAINWASHED]