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NADJA - Corrasion

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Foreshadow FSHCD003
Release Year: 2007
Note: re-arrangement of the 4 tracks from the rare / early "Corrasion" CD-R (Foreshadow, 2003), plus 3 rare bonus-tracks
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Das vielleicht bisher eingngigste NADJA-Album, himmlische Melodien & wuchtige Arrangements, wundersame Drone-Sphren und geisterhaft gehauchter Gesang, 7 Stcke im Spannungsfeld & Treffpunkt von Metal, Post-Rock und Sphren-Drone... Wiederverffentlichung / Neu- Arrangements der Stcke einer CDR von 2003.

"In the flood of drone and post-rock recordings that have been appearing in large quantity for the past few years, "Corrasion", like all the music from NADJA, occupies top position on the podium. Flowing and ever-changing soundscapes of massive guitar layers and delicate ambient passages weave a beautiful aural experience of grandiose proportions. NADJA is now a well established music entity on a world's avantgarde alternative scene having releases on such labels as Alien8 Recordings, Conspiracy Records or Profound Lore Records, just to name a few and having toured with such artists as ISIS, FRANCESCO LOPEZ, KHANATE or KAYO DOT. "Corrasion" was originally released back in 2003 as a limited edition of 200 copies on CD-R format. Ever since it appeared and quickly sold out, fans of avantgarde experimental guitar music from all over the world have tried to lay their hands on it. Due to its limited print run and overwhelming feedback from the press and music lovers alike, it was obvious that this maginificent piece of contemporary sonic art should be widely available. That's why "Corrasion" re-surfaces in 2007 not only as a CD re-edition but also as a completely newly recorded material. Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff re-recorded all the tracks in January 2007 giving them new arrangments, heavier sound and top-notch quality. "Corrasion" anno domini 2007 is simply one of the best drone / post-rock albums in years!
Additionally, the album contains three bonus tracks which originally appeared on a couple compilations and a split release (with MOSS), all out on Foreshadow Limited and sold out for a long time." [press release]

"For a while, every band wanted to sound like SUNNO))), and the bands that didn't usually had side projects that did, each offering up their own take on the slow motion barely moving glacial doom drone we all love so much. But pretty soon, those massive slabs of barely
shifting buzz, the huge chunks of rumble that sounded like nothing but a guitar leaned against an amp, started to soften, get more
melodic, almost dreamy, and thus a new genre was born. Not sure what it's really called. Some sort of blown out bliss pop. Still heavy,
the tempos still lugubrious and plodding, everything drenched in distortion and blurry shimmery fuzz, but the songs now had a
melancholy pop center, a glimmery glowing core. At the forefront of this new sound there were two, Jesu of course, Justin Broadrick's
post-Godflesh project, and Nadja, the doomy side of a Canadian crafter of drones by the name of Aidan Baker. There are plenty of
comers, the Angelic Process, Gog, and a handful of others, but it seems to be a race between Baker and his Nadja, and Broadrick and his Jesu. Broadrick probably has Baker beat in terms of songs, Jesu is a bonafide pop group at this point, verses, choruses, and HOOKS
everywhere, but in most other ways, Baker has the upper hand. Certainly in terms of sheer number of releases, but also, Baker works
more with texture and timbre, creating songs, but only in the most abstract sense, riffs repeat, each one a gorgeous cyclical trudge
through dense clouds of swirling buzz, vocals drift, another layer of sound, everything bathed in effervescent reverb, and sun dappled
delay. The distortion thick and soft, not harsh or jagged, the rhythms pulsing and throbbing as much as pounding.
On Corrasion, very little has changed. Which is a good thing. More of what we already love. The record is rife with sonic subtleties though, enough so that Nadja obsessives will have much to explore and discover, and thus Corrasion is far from redundant, instead functioning as another integral piece in Baker's seemingly never ending sonic puzzle, and beyond that, it just sounds so goddamn good. Hard to imagine ever getting sick of these endless gorgeous metallic dronescapes. And while pretty much any of these records would be perfect for the Nadja newbie, Corrasion might just be the perfect place to start..." [Aquarius Records]