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WANDER - same

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Small Voices SVR05015
Release Year: 2005
Note: cardboard cover, lim. 600; SPECIAL OFFER
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €8.00

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Viermal pure Drone / Minimal MusicStcke vom BEEQUEENSeitenprojekt, warm und analog und sachte schwingend.... klingt sehr
klassisch wie die Vorbilder aus den 70er Jahren.... am besten das vierte Stck wenn sich zu tiefen Drones Wassergerusche mischen...
Dies ist die EINZIGE jemals erscheinende WANDER CD, da sie auf jeden Format nur einmal verffentlichen!

Wander are Freek Kinkelaar and Frans de Waard, also known as Beequeen. Since changing Beequeen's musical direction in the summer
of 2000 (drones out and 'popmusic' in). However, since they both love drone music, they founded Wander in 2001. In Wander they explore
drone music in it's widest possible form, with each new release exploring a specific concept. Wander will release their music on various
formats, but every format only once. Each release is called Wander, and there is a total absense of any information on the cover. So far they have released a 10" on their own Plinkity Plonk label, a LP for En/Of, a split 7" on Plinkity Plonk (a split single with Beequeen), a CDR on XZF and a 7" on Edition... and a forthcoming split 7" recorded in collaboration with Andrew Liles. The material was recorded in the analogue studio Geluidswerkplaats
Extrapool in late 2004 and early 2005, using a wide variety of vintage synthesizers (juno 60, korg MS20, roland SH 102 and Arp synthesizer)
and a Philicordia organ. The four long pieces breath an atmospheric, pastoral sound of slow and deep evolving drones. The CD was mastered by Raymond Steeg of The Legendary Pink Dots' fame. The images on the cover and the disc were made with the help of Elise de Waard. Released in a special cardboard package with varnished
images. Strictly limited edition of 600 copies only. Wander live performances are as rare as hen's teeth. So far two took place: providing a new soundtrack to Derek Jarman's 'In The Shadow
Of The Sun' and a gallery-show in Amsterdam (to much ignorance of a snotty and arty audience - but then we wouldn't have expected otherwise). official website at http://www.beequeen.nl/wander.htm [label info]