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Format: 4 x CD-Box
Label & Cat.Number: Alga Marghen 15VocSon045a/k
Release Year: 2002
Note: CD-version: 12" Box w. book
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €80.00
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The definitive collection of the audio portion of Henri Chopin's influential magazine Revue OU. includes sound pieces by Bernard Heidsieck, Brion Gysin, Henri Chopin, Franois Dufrne, Mimmo
Rotella, Paul de Vree, Bob Cobbing, Ladislav Novak, Hugh Davies, Sten Hanson, Bengt Emil Johnson, Jacques Bekaert, J.A. da Silva, William Burroughs, ke Hodell, Charles Amirkhanian, Arthur Rimbaud, Raoul Haussmann, and Gil J Wolman, most of whom have multiple contributions. the vinyl version does not have the book included with the CD version, but does include an extra LP by Henri Chopin which is not included in the CD version." [press release Alga Marghen]