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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Glacial Movements GM001
Release Year: 2006
Note: first release from a new italian label, a comp. dedicated to the theme "frozen landscapes", with: CLOSING THE ETERNITY, NORTHAUNT, THO-SO-AA, TUU, TROUM, AIDAN BAKER, NETHERWORLD, OOPHOI, LIGHTWAVE. lim. 300; LAST COPY !!
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GLACIAL MOVEMENTS ist das neue Label von Alessandro Tedeschi aka NETHERWORLD, welches ausschliesslich Verffentlichungen mit Bezug zu eisigen Landschaften, vergessenen Orte, Eisfeldern & Eisbergen herausbringen will. CRYOSPHERE ist der erste Release, eine Compilation zum Thema, und bereits jetzt wird sie mit Lob berschttet, da es keinen Ausfall gibt und sie wie aus einem Guss klingt, sich dabei aber durch hohe Vielfalt in den Sounds & Macharten auszeichnet !!! Artists: CLOSING THE ETERNITY, NORTHAUNT, THO-SO-AA, LIGHTWAVE, TUU, TROUM, AIDAN BAKER, NETHERWORLD, OOPHOI.

Beautiful ambient experience, hidding 9 tracks in itself. The compositions are magnificently interlaced with ambient spaces and signals, taking us into the world, shrouded in night atmosphere together with the sounds reminding of the space...Lets set out for a journey together, full of minimalist spaces, coated by signals from the darkness.This project impacts with such emotions and there is beautiful story hidden inside, almost a story, everyone must listen onself, to consider, it very beautiful ambient. Tracks are relatively long, but the more you enter the world full of mysteries.I recommend it heartily to everyone, keen on minimalist ambient and long dark trips... [Alien E Zine]

With these artists you can't go wrong, so the sampler is an absolute must have if you like ambient, drones and minimal experiments. It plays for the full 80 minutes and - even though it is very hard to make a good sampler - this one worked out perfectly! [Gothtronic]