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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - Brain in the Wire

Format: 3 x CD-Box
Label & Cat.Number: Brainwashed 004
Release Year: 2002
Note: NURSE WITH WOUND, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, CURRENT 93, MATMOS, STARS OF THE LID, CYCLOBE, C. HEEMANN, TIGHPAULSANDRA, COIL, BOWERY ELECTRIC, etc. etc... comes in wired metal-box w. sticker, key-chain, poster.... sold out at the label
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €45.00

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Wow, was fr eine Compilation! BRAINWASHED, ein US-web-Magazin, fhrt auch ein kleines Label und legt nun diese Zusammenstellung exklusiver Tracks vor: NURSE WITH WOUND; MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, WINDY & CARL, CURRENT 93, CYCLOBE, CHRISTOPH HEEMANN & ANDREAS MARTIN, STARS OF THE LID, VOLCANO THE BEAR... Verpackt in einer drahtumschwungenen Blechbox (darin Gimmicks wie ein Brainwashed Schlsselanhnger, ein Brainwashed-Poster und und und..

Artists on the first 2 discs include: Legendary Pink Dots, V/Vm, Greater Than One, Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem, Fridge, Ruby Falls, Panacea, m2, Jessica Bailiff, Cyclobe, Windy & Carl, Christoph Heemann & Andreas Martin, Little Annie, Aranos & Nurse With Wound, Current 93 & Pantaleimon, Matmos, Bedhead, Meat Beat Manifesto, Stars of the Lid, Diamanda Galas, Gordon Mumma, Volcano the Bear, Tino, Thighpaulsandra, Cex, !!!. The majority of those tracks are completly exclusive to this comp, many others are alternate mixes or exclusive live tracks. The artist listing for the 3rd disc cannot be published, but features 11 exclusive tracks from "known" artists. This is released in an assocation between the Brainwashed web collective and The Wire magazine (the first 2 CDs were subscriber giveaways in April 2001/May 2002). Packaged in a metal box with a patch, key-chain, poster, booklet, etc." [label info]