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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 4

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Sub Rosa SR250
Release Year: 2006
Note: STEVE REICH, LIGETI, LUCIER, MESSIAEN, FRANCOIS BAYLE, etc etc... 3/4 of the tracks are unpublished, incl. 52 pp book !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.50

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Der vierte Teil der ANTHOLOGY-Serie, wieder eine bunte Mischung aus Klassikern, rarem Material und Newcomern, umfassend dokumentiert. Die Verbindung von “seriöser” Komposition und experimentellem “Underground”, nirgendwo ist sie so präsent wie in dieser SUB ROSA-Reihe....

„Each compilation in this excellent series so far has proved an essential primer, and this fourth offering shows no signs of letting up on either substance or quality. The compilation begins with something rather special indeed, and for someone like me who is pretty obsessed with electronic music history – it’s about as indispensable as it gets. The track is by Egyptian artist Halim el-Dabh (don’t worry, I haven’t heard of him either) and was discovered by the Sub Rosa gang hidden in a French magazine article. Of course as you’ve probably guessed there’s a good story attatched to this, and the track was actually made in 1944 and subsequently broadcast on Egyptian national radio. Yes, it’s a piece of abstract pre-musique concrete which was broadcast on prime time national radio; what must the locals have thought? That’s not all either, this pre-dates most of what we regard as the ‘first’ electronic concrete experimentations… so why did nobody know about this? As the extenseive book so lovingly provided by Sub Rosa reads ‘Pay tribute to the unknowns, those who work in the shadows...’; never a truer word spoken. As with all of these compilations, the list of artists is endlessly exciting and this time we’re treated to exclusive tracks from Rune Grammofon’s Maja Ratkje, Lauri Spiegel and the psyche-tastic Vibracathedral Orchestra with rarities coming from Steve Reich, Alvin Lucier, Ligeti, Robert Wyatt, Oliver Messiaen and Jean Claude Risset among many more. I don’t think I need to go on about how utterly crucial this compilation is, like the first 3 installments this will make for a fantastic appendix to Ohm’s incredible “The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music” compilation – an essential purchase.“ [Boomkat]

“....featuring Steve Reich, Gyorgy Ligeti, William Burroughs, Alvin Lucier Olivier Messiaen, Vibracathedral Orchestra, James Whitehead, Halim el-Balh, François Bayle + Robert Wyatt + Kevin Ayers, Loop orchestra, Jean-Claude Risset, Beatriz Ferreyra, Maja Ratkje, Laurie Spiegel, Stephen Vitiello, erik M, Wang Changcun, Chlorgeschlecht, Gottfried Michael Koenig, Milan Knizak, Ralizes Denudes......
We keep goin' on our adventure with this fourth volume of our anthology. This installment is the pivoting axis of a seven-piece set. We developpe here some other tendancies includings new creations from China, Brazil, Norway, Hongria and of course some classics and (un)published material from main composers (Ligeti, Lucier). Some very rare documents too as Robert Wyatt + François Bayle. More than 3/4 of the tracks are unpublished.
2CD set / digipack sleeve + 52 pages book
In the previous three anthologies, we mentioned the historical axes at the heart of the advent of concrete and electronic music: Pierre Schaeffer's workshop studio (in Vol. 1), the WDR Studio in Cologne (Vol. 3) and the Princeton Electronic Music Center in Columbia, New York (Vol. 2). Quickly though, the development and creation of electronic studios became a priority, with new facilities popping up around the world: throughout Europe and America, but also in Brazil, Mexico and Japan, countries where there was a will to create music that was radically new. As important as it was, the technological wave was not big enough, as Tod Dockstader's case testifies: because of his technician's background in sound editing, he was prevented from pursuing his art in the studios, which remained the musicians' turf.
more than 2 h 30' of music - many rare tracks and unpublished (at least 75%) + big booklet full of notes and biographical notices
2CD digipack sleeve. follow-up to Anthology volume 1 (SR190), Anthology volume 2 (SR200), Anthology 3 (SR220) which become in a few years time, real 'classics' inside our catalogue” [label info]