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URE THRALL - Arabian Knightmares

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Tesco Org. TESCO 065
Release Year: 2006
Note: re-release of the CDR from 2004 / comes in specially designed cardboard-box folder & with 8 postcards (full-colour); feat. the two great tracks from the Drone Rec. EP - think of the marriage of ZOVIET FRANCE, VOICE OF EYE, TROUM..
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Wiederverffentlichung des Masterpiece von URE THRALL in beeindruckender Aufmachung, spezielles fold-out-Cover mit diversen Postkarten auf Kunstpapier.
Dark atmospheric, slowly percussive, oriental harmonies, all handplayed, very dense and moving.. another great work by this californian artist.....with help by FERRARA PAN & THE FRUITLESS HAND and other friends.....maybe think of ZOVIET FRANCE melting with VOICE AND EYE and MUSLIMGAUZE and TROUM...

"Arabian Knightmares is one man's effort to reflect the unfolding events of the current worldwide sectarian war in a series of harmonic constructs, utilizing actual sounds from the major events of the struggle (9/11, the Iraq War, etc.) to provide a historic point of reference. The forlorn yet beautiful emotions that are unmistakable in Muslim song and prayer are reflecteded here in a context so unique that it is deeply stirring in a musical sense and simultaneoously brutal with its emotional impact on the listener. Tears are not uncommon.
Features PREMONITION 9/11 from the out of print Drone Records Single from 2003, plus an ambient remix. 10 plus minutes of ominous arabian tinted darkness, with excerpts from the war. [Ure Thrall]
Comes in a special well designed cardboard cover with multiple inserts and postcards." [press release]