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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Neurot Recordings NR 010
Release Year: 2001
Note: digipack
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Zusammenstellung von rarem Material des dark- & experimental ambient Seitenprojekts von NEUROSIS: Die vergriffene god of the center 10inch & Stcke von diversen Compilations sowie unverffentlichtes Material.

60 is a psychedelic journey... through the most interesting material produced by Tribes of Neurot between 1996 and 1998. Compiled from several rare vinyl releases and compilations, this material represents of the most stunningly atmospheric work this collective has delivered to date. The melodic opening track "Trial", recorded on mobile equipment beside a Scandinavian Fjord sets a melancholy and hypnotic tone. "Markandeya", "Origin and Destiny" and "Desire and Delusion" display the much heralded percussive strength of the group throughout that era of their musical exploration. Tracks such as "Left to Wander", "Broken Rings", "Chance Encounter" and "All Things Must Pass" circumnavigate bleak inner landscapes while Erika Littles wounded voice signals the vultures tearing of meat from the bone of those lost and abandoned in "Cathartidae". Finally, as if to balance the Northern mystery of the opening track, "From Charon to Seoul" (previously unreleased) enters our stratosphere via satellite to find a lonely and intoxicated listener tuning in a crystal radio in Seoul, Korea. Safe travels! [label info]