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TOTSTELLEN / LOW.FILE - Boys like girls

Format: MC (C-30)
Label & Cat.Number: Antiinformation 003
Release Year: 2003
Note: numb. ed.100 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €4.50

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Neuer Post-Industrial aus Hamburg & Berlin! TOTSTELLEN: schwelende Drones, metallisches Summen, kurz auftauchende verzerrte rhythms, verfremdete Stimmen und found sounds. Sehr dichte und intensive, taumelnde Atmosphre...
LOW.FILE: rauschige Drones, Pianofetzen, harsche glitch-noise-DATA-Attacken und lange spannende Unheimlichkeitswolken..
Ein Exzellentes Tape !

Exceptional noise/ambient music dealing with gender questions. programmatically low fi, but nevertheless sharp and precise. TOTSTELLEN from hamburg, known to some for neo-industrial noise and creepy dark things, introducing an introverted notion here, quite similar to minimalist low.file from berlin, whose main topic in audio and visual art is image identity construction and marketing. these pieces consist of elements like broken rhythm signals, text and image data tranformed into audio data, field recordings, hijacked adn reorganized cage piano and a sample of a young girls voice, wondering why girls in boys clothes are said to be cute while boys in girls clothes are considered embarassing. [label description]