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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Line_025
Release Year: 2006
Note: lim. ed. 500 / cardboard cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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LINE is proud to present Z-Menge the new installment of the continuing Mengen series from influential German electronic music pioneer Asmus Tietchens. LINE will be releasing the subsequent works in this series. Zeta-Menge means Zeta quantity. "Another approach to ultimate situations, nearly stillness before becoming silent as Samuel Beckett taught us. End Game. Microtones and structures are only the tools. The Night Of Lead revisited..."
Asmus Tietchens' first released his unique electronic music in 1980, but created works since the late 1960s. Since then he has produced over 37 full length solo works and more cutting edge recordings on numerous international labels dealing with electronic sound and conctrete music. Some of his over 20 full length collaborative projects include the ongoing Kontakt der Junglinge with Thomas Koner. Tietchens' focus is the manipulation of found sound in ways suggested by the material itself. German label Die Stadt has begun to reissue his groundbreaking early works on cd in limited edition. His latest critically acclaimed project, a series based strictly on sine tones and white noise is the "Mengen" series released by Ritornell/Mille Plateaux (Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-Menge). [label info]

As a non-classical trained person, I don't know how many letters the Greek alphabet has, but Asmus Tietchens reaches with Zeta-menge the sixth letter, following Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Epsilon. It's a specific group of works, like not is uncommon with Tietchens to work in groups (one could think of his various works with water sounds called 'Hydrophonie'), that deals with the processed sound of sine waves and white noise. In all his work, the 'menge' series is Asmus in his most reduced form. Somewhere there is a basic hum, that in 'Teilmenge 37' sounds like someone is breathing. Somewhere there is a sound that leaps in and out, sometimes there is a slight variation in that sound. There is somewhere some change, but not much. And that's about it. Highly reduced material, but full of intensity. Play this loud and very detailed variations will occur in the material. Play this soft and only the 'top' sounds will be clearly heard, which would be a pity. In all this vast emptiness there is a lot of stuff to discover. Maybe with six albums, the concept of the 'Menge' series is quite clear, but perhaps Asmus will give it another dimension in the future. He can do that. [FdW / Vital Weekly]