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RENOU, CHRISTIAN - Fragments and Articulations

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ground Fault GF023
Release Year: 2002
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Der Alt-Meister des konkret-intensiven Flows, BRUME, macht nun unter seinen bürgerlichen Namen Christian Renou weiter. Auf „Fragments and Articulations“ überwiegen die atmosphärischen Parts – geblieben sind Fülle, Dichte und Detailreichtum der Klänge.
The old master of the concrete-intense flow, BRUME, continues under his real name, on this release the more atmospheric sounds predominate.

“ -- Fragments & Articulations #1 - A short, isolated sequence, taken from a drum part of an URIA performance (a mutant jazz rock band that Christian played in) from 1982, was used as the basic sound source which was then processed and manipulated with a computer. Final recording, May 2002.
-- Fragments & Articulations #2 - A field recording (Riva-Bella, 1997) has been re-injected into an old computer with a damaged CYRIX processor which decomposed the sounds into something much better. Final recording, April 2002.
-- Fragments & Articulations #3 - Very dirty frequencies, generated by a home-made Galene receiver were processed by computer. Final recording, June 2002. Samples of each track are available at www.groundfaultrecordings.com” [press release]