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POUSSEUR, HENRI - Musique Mixte 1966:1970

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Sub Rosa SR231
Release Year: 2006
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Zwei Stcke aus den 60ern, eine hochdynamisch-expressive Piano-Sprechgesang-musique concrete Mischung mit theatralischem berbau...sehr extrem, fast unhrbar, noch immer radikal wie irgendwas!

Mixed Music : voice, pianos, various electro-acoustic devices

We come back to our exploration of Henri Pousseur's works with a four-CD series which, along with what has already been released, will cover all his electronic music and his most radical works between 1953 and 1988 - 35 years of research and experiments....
The two pieces featured on Mixed Music (Voice, Pianos, Various Electro-Acoustic Devices) are magnum opuses in Pousseur's body of work, though they are seldom heard - Jeu de Miroirs de Votre Faust has been unavailable for a long time, while Crosses of Crossed Colors is released here for the first time ever. [from the press release]

Already for Couleurs croises (Crossed Colors, 1967), my initial idea was to add an amplified voice to the orchestra, a voice that could stand up to it and would clarify and explain the meaning of the piece, in the form of a black Baptist minister-style preach. So, besides the voice ("black," if possible), we have: 5 pianos, whose assembled parts reuse almost all the harmonic-rhythmic contents of the orchestral piece. [Henri Pousseur]