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ORGANUM / Z'EV - Tocsin

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Die Stadt DS77
Release Year: 2004
Note: digipack / edition of 600 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Endlich mal was ganz neues von ORGANUM: diese Zusammenarbeit mit ZEV entfhrt mit Piano und Stahlklngen in objektlose Sphren und melancholische Zwischenspiele, eine berraschende Zusammenfhrung, die gut funktioniert...

Following their maxi CD 'Tinnitus Vu' on Touch in 2004 'Tocsin' is the first full lenght album by these two renowned sound artists. Whereas Z'ev simply reworked already existing work by Jackman for 'Tinnitus Vu', this time the artists agreed to both meet in the studio for 'Tocsin'. They created and recorded sounds from a piano which can be found at RMS Studios London and a stainless steel piece built by Z'ev circa 1989, over the course of several hours, took the recordings home, and after a period of each one mixing these sounds by themselves came up with what can be heard on this CD. Two distinctively different works/sections by both artists which form a multilayered and fascinating album. Design by Janthan Coleclough. Edition of 600 copies in full colour 4 panel digisleeve. Total playing time: 49:24 min. [press release]

.....Together they went in the studio one day in 2004 and each played an instrument: Z'ev played a stainless steel instrument, built in 1989 and Organum played piano. They improvised for several hours and then each return home to work on their own mix of the material. It's hard to believe that these are two sides of the same coin, really. One of he two lengthy Organum pieces dwell heavily on sparse piano sounds, with vague rumblings in the background. Maybe the plucking of the stainless steel instrument, but it's kept to a strict background. The other piece shows similar piano notes but with bowing sounds and long sustains on metal. Z'ev on the other hand has seven shorter pieces and each seems to rely heavily on sustaining sounds, scraping sounds with piano notes forming a much looser connection to the whole. It seems to me that Z'ev added more electronic processing to the sounds, such as the use of reverb and delay. Unlike what you could easily believe is that the drone like pieces here are by Z'ev and not by Organum. Z'ev's pieces are more along the lines of the previous Touch release. Quite a fruitful collaboration and hopefully more to come. [FdW / Vital Weekly]