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NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES - Scenes from the next millenium

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Malignant Records TUMOR CD15
Release Year: 2000
Note: apocalyptic industrial at its best - first album by this project from New York on Malignant!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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„Morality is a Mythology“. N.T.T. stehen für extrem düsteren, nervenaufreibenden und gesellschaftsanklagenden neuen Industrial, der ein apokalyptisches Bild des gegenwärtigen Jahrtausends entwirft.....Atmosphärische Power-Electronics in denen religiöse Reden-Samples wie Peitschenschläge auftauchen und dunkle Sirenenklänge den Ton angeben, harsch & atmosphärisch zugleich, ein Dokument von destruktiver Verzweiflung und Zynismus. „Scenes“ ist ihr erstes Album für MALIGNANT.

“After numerous underground tape releases and live actions, the much anticipated disc of this long standing member of the NYPE crew has arrived. Navicon presents an infinitely bleak and apocalyptic vision that transcends what's normally classified as power electronics. This is the sound of a post nuclear-war society, where war machines shudder and grind in endless cycles, and the black soot of dying factory production fills the poisonous air. Structured elements of loops and samples meld with caustic textures, erupting amidst bridled chaos and pulsating waves of white hot, saturated noise and distortion. An anguished, confrontational vocal presence makes itself known, exploding in a cathartic aggression brought on by suppressed demons and festering hate. A roughly translated review from Black Magazine (Germany): '...one of the best power electronics releases in a long time... an apocalyptic vision, the soundtrack for the decline. Pulsating loops, controlled structures and hypnotical sounds turning this Cd into a much varied album. Confrontational vocals, powerful bass and noise that is as dirty as possible. Compare to Con-Dom, Grey Wolves and Ex.Order."! [Malignant Records]