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MURMER - They were dreaming they were Stones

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Groundfault Rec. GF030
Release Year: 2004
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Nach der grossartigen, leider vergriffenen Definition CDR auf Absurd hier nun etwas neues vom Projekt von PATRICK MC. GINLEY; der in London lebende Amerikaner betreibt dort brigens auch die tolle "Framework -RadioSendung auf RESONANCE 104.4 FM, bei der nur field recordings gespielt werden! Hier schafft er aus eigenen field recordings zwingende Kompositionen, die nicht mehr nach Zufall klingen - nach langen Drone-Ebenen gibt es sehr pltzliche Breaks mit mehr konkretem Material, und immer wieder findet er zurck zu pulsierenden, wellenartige Kreise aussendenden Sounds.. Anklnge an SETH NEHIL, LOREN CHASSE, ERIC LA CASA, TOY BIZARRE..

Slowly Murmer builts an interesting body of work based on field recordings. This must be his first real CD after a couple of interesting CDR releases for Bake, Absurd and S'Agita. Murmer, aka Patrick McGinley, records sounds in his environment and puts them on his four track recorder and builts sound collages out of that. Rather than investigating and processing the sounds he uses the sounds as they are. While mixing these seperate sound sources, he adds a little bit of sound effects, but not much. His sources include a car seat massager, telephones, airplane cabin, a 600 gallon galvanized steel water tank but also the brooklyn bridge. For some reason this CD has three tracks, one is called 'Prologue', one is 'Part One' and the final track, the longest, is 'Part Two, Three & Four'. In 'Part One', McGinley even manages to get a very minimalist rhythm out of his sources. McGinley goes for the overal minimal approach in these pieces. Dense, layered fields of sound recordings go over each other and form a mass of slowly moving ice, especially in the final piece. Slowly moving and changing shape over the course of some time. Great ambient music made out of daily sounds. I'd say his most refined moment so far. [FdW, Vital Weekly]