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MORPHOGENESIS - Charivari Music

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Paradigm Discs PD002
Release Year: 1996
Note: MORPHOGENESIS exists since 1985 as an ensemble ( 7 members, with MICHAEL PRIME, ROGER SUTHERLAND [SCRATCH ORCHESTRA] and ADAM BOHMAN) working with all kinds of objects and sound sources in an improvised way, in the tradition of AMM; 2nd CD with multi-dimensional, confusing & dense atmospheric soundscapes reminding on the great NOISE-MAKER's FIFES
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"Seit 1985 bestehende englische Elektronik- Improvisationscombo, in der Tradition von AMM arbeitend, hier mit ihrer zweiten CD (die erste hie Solarisation und erschien auf Streamline). Verwirrende, atmosphrische und sich stndig wandelnde Geruschkompositionen, die vom Gehirn in ihrer Vielschichtigkeit kaum zu erfassen sind... eine ganz eigene Dimension von Musik." [old Drone Rec. info]

"The London group Morphogenesis have been in existence since 1985. The group consisted of seven people at the time of recording, but for all the sessions, except the live track, the line-ups are amalgams of various members and instrumentation. All tracks are free improvisations that were recorded direct to two channels and later edited with no other post production. Recorded between 1993 - 1996. Shorepoints was recorded live at the LMC Festival 1994.

ADAM BOHMAN - prepared violin, balalaika, objects;
RON BRIEFEL - vocals, electronics;
ANDY CORDERY - percussion, mouthorgan;
CLIVE GRAHAM - springs, electronics;
CLIVE HALL - objects, keyboards, electronics, piano;
MICHAEL PRIME - water machine, biofeedback, radio, electronics;
ROGER SUTHERLAND (RIP) - percussion, piano;
ANDY WEIR - guest on Buttons." [label info]