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MENCHE, DANIEL - Soundtrack for the Film HOPE AND PREY

Format: mCD
Label & Cat.Number: Soleilmoon SOL 135 CD
Release Year: 2004
Note: lim. 500
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €7.50

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Soundtrack zur Film-Installation Hope and Prey von VANESSA RENWICK, nur 250 Stck gibt es ber mailorder weltweit, der Rest wird bei den seltenen Auffhrungen verkauft !!!!!

.. As with all of his recordings, Hope and Prey offers an intensely powerful and beautiful listening experience. Surprisingly, Daniel Menches work has rarely been heard in film or television productions. Although his compositions have been used in short films, this is the first time he was commissioned to create the sound for a new film, in this case, Hope and Prey by Vanessa Renwick. The soundtrack, presented here, is a 20 minute composition of powerful and graceful music that richly captures the ferocious nature of Vanessa Renwicks film. Both artists are based in Portland, Oregon, and are individually very active in the underground art scene. Their collaboration is an engrossing fusion of visceral sonics and powerful ethereal imagery that has been performed in live situations as well as gallery installations. Hope and Prey will never be officially released as a film since it is an installation for 3 projectors and can only be experienced in the environment it was designed for. Yet this soundtrack release is available in a limited edition of 500. Half of the pressing will be sold wherever Hope and Prey is presented, and the other half will be offered through normal distribution channels. With an extensive discography and a long record of highly regarded performances nationally and internationally, Daniel Menches music has reached a wide spectrum of listeners across many genres. [press release]