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MELANCHOHOLICS - A single Act of Carelessness

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Deafborn Records dbcd04 / Multi National Disaster Records MNDR2017
Release Year: 2006
Note: second album by the great German band, atmospheric guitar-based darkness of a very own kind..
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Zweites Album der dunklen Gitarren-Sphriker - hier ausgefeilter & experimenteller als beim Debut, mit Gitarren, Drones, Electronics, stimmlichen Klangmaterial, Akkordeon & Cello werden angerauhte, einsame melancholische Weiten geschaffen, wobei das improvisatorische Element unberhrbar ist
Anklnge an z.B. DWELLING LACUNA und manchmal fast schon alte STARS OF THE LID oder LABRADFORD.

Without wanting to place Deafborn Records in one particular corner of the musical spectrum, 'dark' and 'atmospheric' are certainly two key-words. I never heard of Melanchoholics, which is a three piece group of Benedikt on guitars, Philip on bass and Lutz on electronics. Their previous interests lie in Death/Grind/Heavy metal and industrial and noise, but none of these influences are shown on 'A Single Act Of Carelessness', which is their second CD, after the self-titled, self-released CD from 2003. In 2001 they got together, discussing 'dark and solitudous sound atmospheres' and started jamming around. They probably do that a lot, since this CD shows a mature sound. The alienated, desolated soundscape of a post nuclear landscape is what is unfolded before our very eyes. Empty industrial sites, dark clouds, a thunder - the fine ingredients of a good nightmare or perhaps the storyboard of a b-movie entitled 'the last man on earth and his wanderings' (sorry that didn't sound very hollywood like). The guitar is plucked, a dark wall of synths and feedback hoover in the background and we hear the sound of highly polluted water running down the drainpipes. The album doesn't very hopeful, nor any where near melancholic. What would they long for? The cross-over between ambient and industrial has been made before, by many (Illusion Of Safety's during the late 80s period spring to mind here), but Melanchoholics translate the sound pretty well to a new millennium. [FdW/ Vital Weekly]