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MAEROR TRI - Meditamentum

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Manifold Records mancd044
Release Year: 2005
Note: re-release of the 2nd. M.T. CD from 1994, collecting favoured cassette material recorded 1989-1992... "a seamless, darkly grand proclamation of the wordless beauty and sorrow that was Maeror Tri" - comes in brown cardboard-envelope with embroidered cloth-banderole & re-print of original artwork & liner-notes by Lutz Schridde, a German philosoph now living in China; last copies back in stock from the now in-active label MANIFOLD Records
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Endlich die Wiederverffentlichung der zweiten MAEROR TRICD von 1994, die eine Zusammenstellung von frhem Cassettenmaterial ist (1989 bis 1992). Kommt mit bestickter Stoff-Banderole und Reproduktion des Original-Inlays mit Text von Lutz Schridde.

The masterful german drone-guitar trio is now just a memory. But by culling the best tarnished gems from cassettes and compilations, Meditamentum I becomes a seamless, darkly grand proclamation of the wordless beauty and sorrow that was Maeror Tri. Prequel to the first manifold release; Meditamentum II, this one reaches even further back, putting in order pieces that were too good to languish unheard on a few hundred copies of cassettes. This compilation is probably the more ambient of any Maeror Tri compilation, going for more textural guitar and drift than the rumbling, backwards-chord sound. Comes in an amazing brown artboard case and embroidered cloth sleeve, four-page booklet inside inspired by rough layouts of cassette-years past gives plenty of text to absorb with the sounds. Amazing sounds demand amazing packages and we wanted to make sure this would be a treasure for all who were ever interested in Maeror Tri. [press release]