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Format: 10
Label & Cat.Number: Der Angriff Nr. 8
Release Year: 2003
Note: lim. & numbered ed. 300 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Erster Vinyl-Release des sphärisch-mystischen Duos (Katerina Baryatinskaya & Evgeny Savenko) aus St.Petersburg - hier enthalten sind 4 Stücke feinster, osteuropäisch geprägter experimental-drone-ambient, bei dem die menschliche Stimme die zentrale Rolle spielt; so gibt es religiös anmutende Gesänge, geloopte Stimmen-Samples und perkussive Strukturen zu hören, oder wie beim zweiten Stück elfenhafte Sirengesänge, die sich mit Meeresbrandung durchmischen...
Strong first vinyl-release of this russian duo, where the human voice (looped, chorals) plays a central role..

“ The fifth release in well-acclaimed Prometheus series is a new work of Lunar Abyss Quartet, a very interesting newcomer from St. Petersburg that have played on last year’s Heilige Feuer III festival. It is their first vinyl after a few self-released CDRs and “Zheleznaya Voda” CD. This 4-trx 10” is a mysterious travel into the heart of ancient Baltia, where the cold lakes and moss-covered stones in the pine-woods still keeping the secrets of the times long forgotten… Chants, ambient layers and delicate percussion together with some sound effects shroud the listener in the mist of the Hidden… It could be described as a kind of a mix between first TMLHBAC with some Werkbund tracks but with absolutely unique feel. Their best work to date, very recommended! The release is limited to 300 copies and comes in a usual PROMETHEUS series package with a silver embossed back cover and silver-on-black printed front cover.” [press release]