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LITTLE ANNIE - Diamonds made of glass

Format: 12
Label & Cat.Number: Streamline 1021
Release Year: 2001
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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Direkt aus einem DAVID LYNCH Film knnten diese drei Stcke von LITTLE ANNIE aka ANNIE ANXIETY (aus dem United Dairies-Umfeld) stammen; jazzig-angehauchte dstere Bar-Musik in herb-sinnlicher Schnheit... Seite 2 enthlt eine remixte Version von von Diamonds von CHRISTOPH HEEMANN. Cover-painting: Annie Bandez.

"Little Annie (a/k/a Annie Anxiety Bandez) is known for her own records and collaborative work with Adrian Sherwood, Keith Leblanc, Crass, Coil and Nurse With Wound. This, her first release of all-new material in a number of years, includes songs written in collaboration with Larry T. and Joseph Budenholzer, and a remix by Christoph Heemann. It marks a change of direction for her.... 'Her voice touched something immeasurably old in him, something that slept deep. It lulled the surface parts of his consciousness to sleep, allowing what was far more ancient to awaken. Like the town, with its elaborate pretense of modern active life, the upper layers of his being became dulled, soothed, muffled, and what lay underneath began to stir in its sleep. The big curtain swayed a little to and fro. Presently it might lift altogether....' by Algernon Blackwood." [label info]