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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: CMR Records CMR-7
Release Year: 2004
Note: four movements of fascinating organic field recording & instrumental source arrangements, reminding on artists working in similar areas as SETH NEHIL, ERIC LA CASA, MNORTHAM, etc.. very meditative & beautiful pieces, and his very FIRST full length album as far as we know... comes with very sophisticated liner notes about different aspects of "Intimations"; back in stock this top release !
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Einer der definitiven Drone-Tips des Jahres ! Vier movements von faszinierenden organischen field recording-Soundwolken hat der durch die Welt vagabundierende Amerikaner hier verffentlicht, die mit ihren verwendeten Natursounds an ANDREW CHALK, SETH NEHIL, ERIC LA CASA, TOY BIZARRE, MNORTHAM oder ALIO DIE erinnern, wobei aber ein ganz eigener Stil fassbar wird.. erzeugt eine wunderbare medititive Klarheit und Aufgerumtheit... inkl. Beilage mit ausfhrlichen liner-notes.

WE think this is one of the best drone CDs of the year, fascinating organic field-recordings sound-clouds..

Pronouncing this artist's moniker would undoubtably come out sounding like you had a mouthful of marbles; but in fact, John Grzinich (a slightly easier name to speak aloud) has applied the same logic that fellow musician Michael Northam used for his pseudonym, Mnortham. While Grzinich has been pretty active during the past eight of nine years collaborating with Seth Nehil and Northam, Intimations marks his debut solo outing. Like Nehil and Northam, Grzinich specializes in droning sound art, culled from conceptually driven performances that border on ritualized ceremony, and often involving particular situations for an environmental sound coupled with droning instrumentation. Here on Intimations, Grzinich began with a series of piano recordings, which get the laptop treatment and end up sounding more like long-string instruments as all of the hammering attack has been done away in favor of amorphous drones. Grzinich interjects those drones with a number of field recordings from Texas and Eastern Europe of cicadas, twittering birds, and the gentle lapping of the ocean, resulting in a mighty fine album that should appeal to fans of Francisco Lopez, Jonathan Coleclough, and mnortham. [Aquarius Records]