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JESU - same

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hydrahead Industries HH666-79
Release Year: 2005
Note: new project of JUSTIN K. BROADRICK (GODFLESH) !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Und da war doch noch... JUSTIN BROADRICK, der mit GODFLESH das Genre von Metal & hypnotischem Noise-Rock in Richtung industrieller ekstatisch-manisch-depressiver Auflsung erweiterte.... jetzt ist er wieder da, und es scheint als habe es TECHNO ANIMAL dazwischen nie gegeben. JESU klingen wie gttlichste GODFLESH, erweitert (und das ist das Novum) um eher sanfte z.T. polyphone Space-Gitarren, die dem ganzen einen weitaus melancholischeren Touch geben. Ganz grosse Platte, die Vermhlung von Industrial-Rock und emotional drones!

Since disbanding GODFLESH more than two years ago, JUSTIN BROADRICK has undertaken many musical voyages and his return to metal in the form of JESU is no small event. Jesu is not only a logical extension of his previous work, but a genre-defying opus intent on proving to the world that splendor, isolation and harmony can arise from the darkest recesses of the mind. It is a work of intense passion and guarded intimacy that simply couldn't have come from anybody other than Broadrick.[label info]

Unlike the "Heartache" sessions, on this outing Justin Broadrick has re-enlisted Godflesh's final sticksman Ted Parsons on drums and percussion, with two other members contributing guitar and bass to a few songs throughout the disc, totaling a monumental 74+ minute journey into absolute brooding perfection. Damn near ever song is almost 10 minutes long, and the tracks revolve around slow, repetitive arrangements with lengthy instrumental passages and shitloads of layering, allowing thing to rise and fall slowly over time with a great balance of sheer heaviness, incredible melodies, and a general atmosphere that truly is some of Broadrick's most emotionally wrenching work to date as was the masterful "Heartache" release. As with that work the vocal performance here is based around monotone singing with various levels of effects applied to soak things into the music more, while the music itself is more consistently melodic than Godflesh, taking that general direction and aesthetic but perhaps finding some strange way to make things both artistically abstract and yet increasingly organic and song oriented?..... This is an incredible album and I sincerely hope that Jesu continues for years to come, because I've been consistently blown away by everything the band has recorded thus far and I'm dying to hear more. Without question this is going to be one of the best releases of 2005. [Aversion Online]