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ILIOS - 18102002

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Absurd # 24
Release Year: 2002
Note: lim. ed. 199 copies, cardboard cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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Project from Greece with intense and outstanding pure frequency ambience, static & abstract wave-sounds that move underneath, with some more concrete rumblings on the surface...at most times quite deep droning. Recommended!
"ilios for me stands as one of the most eccentric yet challenging greek experimental projects of the last decade ever since the very first day that we met in march 91 & was introduced to their work. since then they've been always surprising not only me but also
their friends/audience either via their cds which could bring in mind lotsa residents influences at times, intelligent deconstructed pop tunes or obscure ambient soundcapes other times. the same eccentric and bizarre their performances have been, one could turn more 'electronica', the other (such as their amazing early 90's theatre performance 'agamemnon') could turn an obscure ambient piece evenwith kraut rock hints uniquely incorporated into it. the last couple of years the project seems to turn back to its early origins of obscure ambience & bizarre experimentation. the recent 'ba' 3"cd on their antifrost can be an example of this crossover. but even this release couldn't predetermine the night of the 18th of october 2002 at small music theatre. melting sounds of a laptop & utilizing as an extra source as well a glass 'played' w/ a dentist's wheel ilios blasted one of the most flabbergasting live sets ever experienced so
far of a greek experimental project. starting with a frequency that someone might expected to listen to a cool yet standard minimal or
lowercase live set, evolved & outbreaked an ambience whose intensity not only did it amplify the whole space around us but also the audience (who was in total darkness) that we were experiencing with great enthusiasm this impressive moment. a live set the impression & sound of which can only be compared to some of the best 'ambient' (or call it whatever) moments of people like zbigniew karkowski, sons of god, hafler trio, etc & here is nothing but the audio documentation of this monumental night." [Nicolas Malevitsis]