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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: SUB ROSA SR212
Release Year: 2004
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Yoshihiro Hanno explores for years now a wide range of musics: soundtracks, contemporary music, free jazz , drum 'n' bass, fragmented electronica, hip hop... with a definite taste for fusion and destructuration in order to create a new form of avant-garde. Follow up to his precedent release 'April Remixes' feat. Oval,Christophe Charles... (SR196), here is .

Yoshihiro Hanno trained in various kinds of music while still a student, developing his own musical character and feeling. Thus he was no novice when in 1997 he made his first album King Of May and also Hip Hop #3, a split 12" single with Bisk, both released by Sub Rosa under the Multiphonic Ensemble alias. In 1998 Hanno made the album Liquid Glass with ex-Japan member Mick Karn and
the compilation Shijin No Sh_z_ (Portrait of a Poet), the first solo album under his own name. He also composed the very successful successful soundtrack Flowers Of Shanghai for film director Hou Hsiao-Hsien. The following year saw the release of Cirque, his second album under the Multiphonic Ensemble alias. In 2000, Hanno was musical director of the Yomiuri TV soap opera "Eien No Ko" and wrote its theme song with Ryuichi Sakamoto.He joined Ryuichi
Sakamoto's CODE. Also in 2000 he released April under his own Cirque label, and composed the soundtrack for Jia Zhang-Ke's film Platform, which won an award at the Venice Film Festival.
In 2001, for the Music On Canvas series Hanno released the April Remix album featuring remixes by Oval, Takugi Aoyagi and Christophe Charles. With Bjrk, Ryuichi Sakamoto and others, he participated in the Radical Fashion event. He also made the music for Isao Yukisada's film Kanon. In 2002 he released Esquisse 1996 and Sulpice under his own label. [press release]