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GRKZGL - Esque

Format: mCD
Label & Cat.Number: Angle Records A.R.03.01
Release Year: 2006
Note: complex Canadian digital experimental music; lim. 500 full-colour cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €6.50

More Info

Very complex digital experimental music from a new act from Montreal on this fine Canadian label, not easy to categorize, strange sounds & kind of rhythms everywhere recommended for explorers of the digital sphere.

'Esque' is the first 3" mini-cd ep release on Angle Records. To create the music Grkzgl uses laptop, synths and bass, plus there is metal percussion on the last 6th track, which is the most noisy of all. Otherwise, the sound is in the atmospheric glitchy areas, loosely improvised but with a clear direction of where it's going, sometimes even a rhythmic patterns appear. Grkzgl is obviously inspired and influenced by the post-industrial ambience, not being too minimal or too harsh, but still merging all those styles into one whole piece, divided in 6 tracks which are mixed into each other. Very nice ep for this artist and hopefully more releases in the same format to come on the label. [BR / Vital Weekly]