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FAGASCHINSKI, KAI & BERHARD GAL - Going round in Serpentines

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Charizma cha034
Release Year: 2005
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"In going round in serpentines, Bernhard Gal's re-contexturalized field recordings merge with the sonic characteristics of Kai Fagaschinski's idiosyncratic clarinet playing. Gal opens up new acoustic spaces, while Fagaschinski sculpts air with his clarinet in various ways. Based on clarinet samples, they also build up microtonal clusters with drone-like qualities. In their music they create an ambivalent musical situation between concrete and abstract listening. During a focused rehearsal period in winter 03 04, Fagaschinski and Gal developed open compositions where preconceived musical structures are combined with the specific energy of improvisation. Done in Berlin-Friedenau, January-February 2004'
Kai Fagaschinski: clarinet. Bernhard Gal: computer." [press release]

"....two of berlin's improv. musicians came together to release a lovely album. kai fagaschinski plays clarinet, whereas barnard gбl makes use of a computer. the soundscape they produce together is a wonderful journey in which concrete sounds and the experimental use of the clarinet make up for a rich and detailed scenery. the music follows a certain route, leading the listener in imagineable worlds where each single sound is of utmost importance. minimalism with a realistic touch, also due to the breathing during kai fagaschinski's clarinet play. playing pool goes along with the hiss of a wind instrument, strange little activities are mixed with abstract electronic noises. "shut up and listen, dumb ass!" is written in the booklet as well, and that's what the music is all about, concentrate and let the music lead you to unknown worlds never heard before." [Paul Bijlsma, Phosphor mag]