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ETANT DONNES - Mort aux Vaches: Le Sang est le Mur de l'Etoile

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Staalplaat / Mort aux vaches
Release Year: 1998
Note: ETANT DONNES were in the VPRO studios in Amsterdam in September 1997 to record their "Mort aux Vaches" session - the result is this CD with two pieces/parts, only 19 minutes long but showing why they were amongst the most intense experimental acts, the French duo combines industrial noise grindings and whispered, shouted, screamed poetry in a truly unique way... lim./numb. 1000 copies, the cover shows storage marks through the use of a metal closing clip; SPECIAL OFFER NOW!
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"Etant Donnes are two french brothers, producing music which vaguely reminds us of musique concrete but with both a poetical and industrial edge to it. Although they started in the early eighties releasing cassettes, they reached their peak in the early nineties, with sublime CD releases on Touch and Staalplaat. After their last CD "Bleu" things became quiet on the release front. Eric & Marc Hurtado spent time doing films, poetry readings and making music with icons of rock and dance music: Robert Gorl (ex-DAF), Micheal Gira (Swans), Lydia Lunch, Genesis P-Orridge and Alan Vega. The elder musician as idol. In September 1997 Staalplaat organised the Masterclass event in Den Haag and one of the more powerful concerts staged was Etant Donnes. With heavily pounding rhythms, screaming poetics, the two brothers totally took over the atmosphere. The next day they recorded at the VPRO radio station, which now results in the shortest Mort Aux Vaches to date. But nonetheless, also one of the more powerful ones. Gone are the subtle sounds, as on "Royaume" or "Bleu" and hailed are powerful rhythms and ditto voices. Particulary recommended with headphone listening. Mort Aux Vaches is a series of recordings commised and recorded by Berry Kamer and Jan Hiddink of VPRO radio. Comes in a full colour carton sleeve and is an edition of 1000 copies." [label info]