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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: M-Tronic He2
Release Year: 2001
Note: very good third album by this French electro industrial act, combining complex (slow) break beats & arrangements with dark moods and synth-ambience & melodies... has been compared to AUTECHRE, SCORN.... special offer now !
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"Auch der vormaliger NOISE MUSEUM Liebling DITHER ist zurck mit einer neuen CD, auf dem neuen Pariser Label M-TRONIC! Softer als auf den bisherigen Alben, verbindet DITHER hier gegenlufige Beats mit komplexen elektronischen Arrangements und dunklen Stimmungen, sehr eigen und ungewhnlich!
New work from this french (former NOISE MUSEUM) act, softer than before but very complex and unusual electronic beats & arrangements & dark moods..." [Drone Rec. info 2002]

With its 3rd album, Marc T. aka Dither proves that he is the french master of dark-ambient electronics. His micro-electronic works are so subtle that they invite you into an abyssal trip, growing deeper and deeper inside your body and mind. Close to the universe of acts like Scorn, Autechre or beefacke but with a much darker touch, Dither is the new sensation not to be missed. This cd comes out in a very charming 3 panels digipack. Choose your chemical element choose He2 : Dither 'Urei' ! [label description]