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DIMUZIO, THOMAS / DON RITTER - Synchronous Blast Channels

Format: VIDEO
Label & Cat.Number: RRRecords
Release Year: 1994
Note: 45 minutes material
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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45 minutes material of the great THOMAS DIMUZIO, in collaboration with DON RITTER.

Features the live and studio-based interactive audio/video work of Don Ritter and Thomas Dimuzio. Ritter's interactive video system allows his imagery to be controlled and manipulated in real time by Dimuzio's music. See and hear vintage performances from New Music America and Quebec's Obscure Gallery and studio recorded versions of "Stithy" and "Certainty Persuaded Me".[Gench]
Format is NTSC, but it should be playable also on most newer european Video/TV-sets.