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Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Die Stadt DS82
Release Year: 2005
Note: first ed. 1000 copies / special design / two one-tracker , total time: 82+ min.; last NEW copies back in stock, very rare now !!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €30.00

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In ungeahnte Bereiche dringen AUTECHRE & H30 auf der zweiten Collaborations-V vor, neben USSERST AUSSERweltlichen Drones gibt es auch nach alten H30 klingendes konkretes Geruschmaterial, berraschende Breaks im KlangFluss, bis zu Unkenntlichkeit geschredderte aber stets therische far-away-sounds, digitale Knirsch-, Kratz- und Clicksounds...und sogar harsh noise segments..aber keine Rhythmen weit und breit....zwei one-tracker in kunstvoller Verpackung und liner notes die niemand versteht, aber darum gehts vielleicht auch..
Die ersten 1000 Kopien waren beim Label sofort weg, bei uns gibts sie noch!

Two of the leading artists in their own field team up again for the much
anticipated second installment of their collaboration project. Like part One this comes in special deluxe handmade cover with mysterious inserts. First edition of 1000 copies. Total playing time: 82:16 min.
Track listing:
Disc One: 1.'aeo3' 32'36
Disc Two: 1.'3hae' 49'40
"The deformation of light entering several lives is simply a prismatic event and depending where the bottle spins, you're it. the acclaimed and cajoled, fussed over and clutched to multifarious bosoms is about to tread no water and several grapes, the resulting liquid pours off and conserved, but never leaving the family, in its way, that is, at least for some of us, and not very all others. be that as it may, and that is probable, it approaches with a glint in its eye, and full boots, not needing a high horse or even a fence to jump over. maybe a candlestick. tell us the time. are you in blue little boy? or are you grown up into what you always thought you would someday be? just asking. name? what's in any of them is out of the bag.
The second part of the award winning and chart-topping confluence of the entities known sometimes as autechre and the hafler trio. or something very like it. longer, uncut, 50% less fat, and free house with every copy. that last part *may* not be entirely true."
....More than before it's hard to tell who does what here, even when it comes to know who did what disc. But both discs hold surprises. Like on the previous collaboration drones play an important role (like on many of the recent Hafler Trio releases, I hasten to add), but they are presented here in the form of an audio collage, meaning sudden changes, cutting straight into a new area. There are also other sounds used in a raw, almost electro-acoustical way - even when Mister McKenzie may not like me for using this word - like the opening of a door or water sounds. Stylistically this may run back to earlier Hafler Trio releases such as 'Brain Song' or 'The Sea Org', similar changes happen here. However one disc holds a short segment of pure digital noise, almost in a Merzbow/Mego fashion, and that is perhaps the biggest surprise of all. Although it's lasts a few minutes, this might be something that will be a new feature in the work of the Trio, or even for Autechre? It's these points that make this into a more than excellent release, a landmark. (FdW / Vital Weekly]