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Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: AFE Records afe071mcd
Release Year: 2006
Note: MiniCD-R 3" in pro-printed triple folder cardboard minisleeve
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €6.50

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Fr field recording-Fans hchst empfehlenswert: Zwei italienische Projekte mit Aufnahmen aus einem unterirdischen Kloster-Tunnel, der mit Steinen, Stckern & Knochen berst war auf der mini-Cd befinden sich drei Stcke, je eines mit den Bearbeitungen von ANOFELE und LOGOPLASM, und einmal die Originalaufnahmen. Geheimnisumwitterte Gerusch-Trips voller steiniger Details

We are happiest to bring you this collaboration between Anofele (Adriano Scerna, better known as one half of the italian experimental duo Kar) and Logoplasm (Paolo Ippoliti and Laura Lovreglio from Ariccia, Rome) which comes in the form of a 3" MiniCD-R.
Logoplasm didn't release any music at all during the last few years, so we are particularly glad to be part of their return to the scene, and we're truly hoping that this won't remain an isolated episode.
"Gravescapes" is a very particular release whose origins starts back in 2003 during a week-end in springtime, when Adriano, Paolo and Laura got almost lost in the woods of Central Italy, after a visit to a local theravada buddist monastery.
As they were walking around the monastery, at some point the trees disclosed the ruins of what instantly appeared like an abandoned graveyard bearing the signs of an awful lot of time and almost completely overgrown with weeds.
Underneath the graveyard they soon discovered a short subterranean tunnel. The tunnel was slightly illuminated by the piercing sunlight and their curiosity won over unrational fears, so they decided to explore it.
Inside the tunnel they found a few open loculi which contained small heaps of human bones. More bones were spreaded on the ground along with stones, sticks, branches, etc.
They took some recordings with two portable MiniDisc machines, using their discoveries as the main sound sources. Such recordings were subsequently manipulated and assembled using computer technology and softwares, and turned into "Gravescapes".
"Gravescape One" is Anofele's rendition of the original recordings, which is presented as "Gravescape Two". "Gravescape Three" is Logoplasm's take on the same source material. [label info]