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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Southern Lord SUNN46
Release Year: 2005
Note: re-release of deleted LP in digipack/gatefold-cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.50

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berraschender CD Re-Release der vergriffenen LP auf dem Metal-Label SOUTHERN LORD, die auch SUNN O))) verffentlichen. Ein Live-Mitschnitt eines schnen Konzertes aus Nijmegen vom Juni 2001.
...zu hren ist AMBARCHIs ruhig-dronige Seite, markante gitarrenbasierte Tne die in einem immerwhrenden Wechsel zu interessanten Mustern verbunden werden... [Drone Rec info]
Als Bonus gibt es noch Remix-Collaborationen mit TOM RECCHION.

An expanded reissue of the Triste album from Australian electronic guitarist and percussionist OREN AMBARCHI. The Triste material is reminiscent of his work on Grapes Of Wrath, with his guitar sound/tone transformed into a dark, tonally extreme, percussive instrument, with the sound arranged melodically to create beautiful drone soundscapes. Includes all the tracks from the original version (released on vinyl in a limited edition), along with some remix collaborations with TOM RECCHION. [press release]

Mr. Ambarchi's subtle harmonic clusters and beautiful Acoustic lullabies sway the listener into a waking dream like the best works of
Charlemagne Palestine, La Monte Young, Phil Niblock, and John Fahey. Imagine that deep tranquil ocean, endless and mysterious, filled by single tears of resonating beauty until the ocean gives way torrents. This is Triste... [from the original press release]