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ALU - Autismenschen

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Crippled Intellect Productions C.I.P. cipcd013
Release Year: 2005
Note: first un-released album of 1980 of this German band (from SAND fame!), liner-notes by DAVID TIBET; last copy, RARE NOW !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €20.00

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Späte Veröffentlichung des ersten, bisher unveröffentlichten Album von 1980 von dieser deutschen Paranoia-Elektronik / „New Wave“-Gruppe, die aus zwei der drei Mitglieder der Krautrockband SAND bestand (deren LP „GOLEM“ auf World Serpent wiederveröffentlicht wurde!) . Liner-Notes von DAVID TIBET!

“About the band: Alu was a seminal German synth-punk band active 1979-83. This CD is their unreleased first studio album from 1980.
This is the unreleased first studio album by one of the pioneering German synth / electronic projects. Liner notes by David Tibet. The project of some of the members of Alu were in prior to Alu, Sand, enjoyed a fantastic revival a few years back (thanks in great part to David Tibet).
Unearthing this release will bring much joy to anyone interested in the pioneering sound of German electronic music from the late 70s to mid 80s. Alu released two live LPs, a 7", and a small quantity of cassettes; all of these releases are, tragically, out of print. For those to whom Alu is a new name, comparable audio would be Suicide, Throbbing Gristle (circa 20 Jazz Funk Greats), Esplendor Geometrico, or Algebra Suicide, not to mention myriad electronic German bands who existed concomitant to Alu and have enjoyed recent reissues of their own, including Phonophobia, Die Todliche Doris, and Thorax-Wach. Labels with similar artists include Zick Zack and Twisted Knister. For the young'uns who like Wolf Eyes, this may be considered a worthy ancestor...
Alu was born from the ashes of the seminal project Sand, whose releases were issued a few years ago through the persistence and passion of David Tibet. Not coincidentally, David Tibet also provided liner notes for this release. This release comes with a booklet of lyrics (in German), photos, plus a short biography (in English) of the band. Translations of the lyrics and other information on the band will be up soon at their recently created website, alugenerator.com.

“....you may call me a retro freak, I prefer the old stuff, like Alu, or The Screamers or Suicide, with whom Alu has in common that they both combined the speed and energy of the punk rock, combined with analogue synthesizer stuff. Some of the more lengthy pieces, such as 'Halt Dich Fest' sound, with lenghty guitar doodlings show their krautrock background, but Alu is at their best in their shorter pieces: a screamy voice, full of doomsday paranoia, a continuous rhythm-box, simple melodies on the organ and guitar in a distorted mood. The real stuff that can't be beaten by a groove-box and microphone. The best re-discovery of 2005!” [FdW / Vital Weekly]