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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Unfathomless U47
Release Year: 2017
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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U47 | Banks Bailey

U47 | Banks Bailey | The Pool

The Pool part 1_excerpt

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The Pool part 5_excerpt

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format : CD ltd to 200 hand numbered copies
all copies come with an additional art card on 300gr satin paper
release year : 2017
length : 4213
tracks :
1. The Pool part 1
2. The Pool part 2
3. The Pool part 3
4. The Pool part 4
5. The Pool part 5

status : OUT NOW !

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(Belgium) : 13 (inc.postage)
(Europe) : 14 (inc.postage)
(World) : 15 (inc.postage)

: info :

In the mountains near my home here in Tucson, Arizona is a place of many memories and emotions for me. Coming upon it years ago, I instantly felt a connection to the spirit of this place. To see the changes through the years as been a gift despite the grueling 12 mile ascent from the desert floor with way too much recording gear in my pack. It can be extremely quiet there at times despite the air traffic which is inevitable being so close to a major metropolitan area. The work consists of field recordings from 2011 to 2015 and attempts to convey my experiences there on many levels. In my youth I read a poem by Baudelaire entitled Correspondences which resonated with me greatly and I think the first two stanzas embody this place for me.

All nature is one temple, the living aisles whereof
Murmur in a soft language, half strange, half understood;
Man wanders there as through a cabalistic wood,
Aware of eyes that watch him in the leaves above.

Like voices echoing in his senses from beyond
Lifes watery source, and which into one voice unite,
Vast as the turning planet clothed in darkness and light,
So do all sounds and hues and fragrances correspond.

For Sigi